General Info About India

India is the seventh largest nation in the world by land area, located in the Indian subcontinent in south Asia. Its home to 1.2 billion people and is the world’s largest democracy. It is known for its rich and ancient cultural heritage, as well as its treasury of natural and architectural heritage. Here’s a tiny glimpse into the country’s diversity.

Indian History
The society of India is more than five thousand years old, going back to the pre-Vedic era in almost 3000 BC. From the civilisations of Harappa to the Arian cities of Gandhar and Magadh, all the way to the vast dynasties of Kushan, Harsha, and Mauryas; the ancient history of India is diverse.

Later in time, India faced a number of Muslim invasions, starting with the Mahmud of Ghazni in the early 12th century that culminated in the formation of a sultanate in Delhi. After a couple of centuries, the Mughal Empire became full-blown and covered a lot of the country. India’s modern history deals primarily with the British Raj and its subsequent independence, following which it has been the world’s largest democracy.

Indian Geography
The geography of India is vast and diverse and has everything from mountains to oceans, forests to deserts and lakes to seas and what not. The country is guarded by the Himalayas in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south.

Indian EconomyIndia is one of the few trillion dollar economies in the world and is classified as joint-sector. While the government takes care of the crucial aspects of life such as healthcare, roads, railways, and the army, everything else is privatised. Of late, India has been one of the world’s IT hubs with numerous companies springing up in Bangalore and Delhi that offer BPOs and basic software development services.

Indian Culture
As it is true of any country with long histories, the culture of India is vast and comprises of literature, poetry, music, dance, religion, spirituality, theatre, cinema, and almost everything that defines the culture of a country. It experiences an inflow of thousands of tourists every year, who come to experience the country’s culture.

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